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There is the overall unspoken agreement that people just don’t like moving. Sure, as humans, we may like change from time to time, and we want adventures, but we don’t want to deal with all the stress that often comes with moving. That is why you need good movers Chicago to handle the job for you. But when it comes to searching for proper moving companies, you may feel like you don’t know what you are doing.

We from Checkmate Movers are here to make things simple for you. We will give you all the information you need in order to get your move going smoothly. And our professional movers will take care of the entire thing, so you won’t have to fret about a single thing.


Local Moving

The most requested service around Chicago is that of local moving. This usually means that you are going from one apartment to another, usually between different neighborhoods. But that is not exclusive. You may want a same building move or just a couple of guys to help you with relocating to an apartment down the block.

All these situations fall within the bounds of local moving. Since it doesn’t usually require big trucks and a lot of space for moving the majority of items, it is also the cheapest of all the moves. However, if you have tons of things in your apartment, we can transfer them without a problem. Just tell us about it when you request your free quote.

If you want to learn more about this service, please visit its respective page from our website menu above. Should you have further questions you can always give us a call. Our support team is trained to handle all sorts of inquiries so don’t hesitate to shoot straight away! We would love to work with you and help you with all things moving!

Household Moving

Many people confuse household moving for a normal move. They think it is the contrary type of move to what would constitute a corporate relocation. But that isn’t actually the case! Household moves are also known as residential, and they are about moving big houses, mansions and similar living spaces.

Apartment moves are easy, fairly cheap and fast. But this isn’t the case with household moving, which needs more consideration and attention to detail. Plus, for such moves you would need a bigger truck to fit all the different items. That is because our movers Chicago will need to carry out a lot of items. Usually household moves involve transporting all the furniture, clothes, and other personal belongings of our clients.

But don’t worry, we can handle your residential move without a problem. Reach out to us and schedule your move now so that you can have peace of mind!

Business Moving

There is a big difference between regular moves and business moves. No, not in the fundamental process that involves packing and transporting items, but in the actual philosophy behind the entire ordeal. The problem that most businesses have when it comes to moving is simple – they need it perfectly planned and executed. A simple mistake may lead to big losses down the line.

That is where we shine as one of the best moving companies in the area. Checkmate Movers adheres to the philosophy that we should be as efficient as possible without compromising the quality of service. How do we do that? By training our movers properly. Because you need to know that your business is in good hands.

If you want further details on what the business move consists of, feel free to check our online page from the menu above.

Long Distance Moving

While this kind of moving is not as common as your everyday local move, it is still quite regular. However, it takes a lot more effort and is usually much more stressful for people. That is because it involves planning and figuring out a moving schedule that cannot be easily changed. Plus, there is all the worrying about leaving things behind or not doing everything that you are supposed to.

Many Chicago moving companies can offer you long distance moves, but we from Checkmate Movers go a step further – we are here to give you the exact help that you need. How? By providing you with high quality packing and moving supplies for free and doing all the packing, lifting, furniture disassembling and reassembling for you!

With all these things you can be sure that there will be nothing left behind or mishandled. Your items will be kept safe throughout the entire move and you will be at ease. Just make sure to give us a call and schedule your relocation ahead of time. That way we will be able to fit you within our own plan and work with you on the day that you want.


Our packing services are complementary to each of our moving services. They are a necessary addition for a lot of people who don’t want to deal with the whole packing thing. And we don’t blame them. If you don’t have much experience packing can be tedious and quite bothersome. Not to mention that you will likely end up packing things less than optimally, thus risking to break them.

If you want to avoid all that trouble, simply trust the professionals of Checkmate Movers. We are here for you! But that’s not all – we provide our own high grade packing supplies that will make sure your items are kept as safe as possible. We constantly research the most efficient packing practices and employ them in our work.

Moving doesn’t have to be problematic or stressful. You just need to choose the right moving company for the job. So just give us a call!

  • Viktor A.

    Commercial Move

    “If you have ever moved a warehouse full of computers, electronics and all kinds of custom-built desks, then you know how super frustrating that is. We’d done it by ourselves once before and we knew it wasn’t something we would ever want to do again. So we hired the professionals of Vosco Moving. I was surprised at how familiar they were around tech stuff. They even managed to get the custom desks back the way they were after we disassembled them together."

  • Robert M.

    Commercial Move

    “Throughout the years I had to move several times and hated it. All the packing, fussing around and all that. Even thinking about it is painful. But these guys told me they can handle everything. And they sure did, I didn’t even have to give much directions. They sorted things, packed them properly and nothing was missing or damaged. Superb service, would hire again."

  • Gary S.

    Residential Move

    “Sizing down from a big apartment to a studio isn’t something simple. But these Sacramento movers helped me sort through the things I need and pack only what was essential. They helped me clean out my apartment and when I moved into the studio it was amazing. The boys were friendly and extremely polite. If I decide to move from my studio, I will be using them again!”

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