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Moving To A New Place? Decorate It!

While most people usually oppose change, it can actually be quite the good thing for us. However, it can also be very stressful, especially if we talk about a change such as moving. When you get to a new place you may feel overwhelmed and we all know it takes a while before it feels like home.

That being said, there are a few things that you can do to make it more home-feeling. One of them is decoration. If you put your mind and soul into your new living space, you are much more likely to associate it with “home”. So today we are going to give you a few good ideas about home decoration that is actually pretty easy and a great way to embrace the move. Just remember to call your favorite movers Chicago when you are ready to move into your new place!

Decoration Tip #1: Think Contrast

We have seen plenty of good home arrangements and colors, but a new trend is popping up and we think it looks very nice. We are talking about the idea of contrast in colors and negative space. Don’t be overwhelmed though, it is not as hard as it sounds!

The idea is simple – pair colors that contrast each other so that everything pops up. Use light motives and dark backgrounds, or vice versa. Also make sure to not overfill your room with furniture and other stuff. Allow yourself to have some space to breathe. That free space will actually make the rooms look bigger and well-arranged.

Additionally, vibrant colors can also find their way in. Just make sure to not go with something that is overly saturated, because it can be heavy on the eyes. Our advice is to stick to calmer nuances, as the one in our next tip.

Decoration Tip #2: Your Home A Forest

It has been proven that the color green is one of the best to soothe your mind and make you at peace. This is because it is associated with nature, and there is something intrinsically calming about it. So what does this tell you? Green is one of the best colors to use in your bedroom, or even living room.

Add some nice ambient music to the whole thing and now you have an awesome atmosphere. Even picturing it may make you want to open up a book. So what do you say, is green your color?

Decoration Tip #3: Don’t Skip The Carpet

Depending on who you ask carpets can be either a thing of the past or the best new trend in town. The way we see it? They are making a comeback for sure. And that is not without reason.

Carpets can be a wonderful decoration piece, but they also add a level of warmth to your whole place. There is something great about feeling the soft ground under you. Sure, it will gather dust with time, but you can clean that up fairly easily, right?